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Nipple Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Options in Austin

Nearly all patients are candidates for some form of breast reconstruction. If you choose to undergo breast reconstruction, Dr. Fisher will work with you, your oncologist, and your breast cancer surgeon to develop a safe treatment plan that fits your personal goals, your body type, and your lifestyle to achieve a natural looking and long-lasting result.

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Nipple-Sparing Reconstruction

ServicesNSC2Women with a small tumor and no signs of cancer in the skin or near the nipple may be candidates for nipple-sparing breast reconstruction. For these patients, Dr. Fisher offers immediate nipple-sparing breast reconstruction at the time of mastectomy.

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Natural Options for Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Fisher specializes in natural options for breast reconstruction without the use of implants. With living tissue reconstruction, the breasts are reconstructed using tissue from another part of the body, commonly the abdomen. In a DIEP flap reconstruction, Dr. Fisher removes excess tissue from the abdomen and transplants it to the chest for a natural-looking and feeling breast reconstruction.

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Christine Fisher MD Austin TX

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Christine Fisher is a plastic surgeon in Austin, TX specializing in reconstructive breast surgery and cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. Whether you are looking to restore form lost to breast cancer, or to recontour the body after pregnancy or weight change, her goals are the same: safe outcomes, compassionate care, and high-quality results.

Her group is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate about the care of breast cancer patients. With a combined experience of over 2,000 microvascular breast reconstructions, they have a greater than 99% success rate with this procedure. By combining reconstructive excellence with cosmetic surgery expertise, our specialized surgeons strive to safely provide you with most natural results possible.

Breast Augmentation Austin TX

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is often used to improve confidence by improving feminine proportions, to reverse breast changes due to pregnancy, to correct breast asymmetry, and to restore youthful shape and volume. Whatever your reasons for pursuing breast augmentation, Dr. Fisher can help you achieve your goals.

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Breast Lift Austin Tx

Breast Lift

Aging, pregnancy, nursing, and weight change can cause your breasts to appear deflated or feel heavy. A mastopexy, or breast lift, can reshape and restore volume to your breasts, so you look and feel more youthful. During your initial consultation, Dr. Fisher will discuss your personal goals in order to achieve a natural and proportionate result.

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Mommy Makeover Austin TX

Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is a term commonly used for a combination of procedures that specifically target the areas of your body that have been adversely affected by pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. A tummy tuck to flatten the abdominal skin and restore abdominal muscle tone can be combined with a breast lift, and in some cases liposuction, to smooth the love-handles or sculpt the thighs for a dramatic result that restores a youthful, toned appearance.

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From The Doctor’s Blog

Application of Embrace® Scar Therapy

What is Embrace® Scar Therapy? For patients with thick, raised, visible scars after surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Fisher may recommend Embrace® Scar Therapy, a dressing containing medical-grade silicone. Embrace® may be used on practically any...
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Chris Fisher MD with patient

Why Choose Christine Fisher MD In Austin, Texas

While all plastic surgeons receive basic training in breast reconstruction during their residency programs, not all plastic surgeons are comfortable performing all types of reconstructions and many do not practice breast reconstruction frequently in their practices....
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Why Do I Need To Have A CT-Angiogram Before My DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

DIEP flap reconstruction has come a long way since the early description of the procedure in the early 1990s. Our understanding of the perforating vessels that supply circulation to the lower abdominal skin and fat has evolved. Everyone’s anatomy is unique, and a...
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Radiation And Tissue Expanders: What Should I Know?

Sometimes, a breast cancer patient will be offered radiation in addition to surgical therapy to give her optimal opportunity to avoid recurrence of her cancer. Radiation is typically delivered only to the breast and armpit area on the side of the cancer. While...
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What You Need To Know About Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Although in the early days of mastectomy surgery a woman was forced to bear her deformity for the rest of her life, today, there are many wonderful breast reconstruction after mastectomy options that are available to most patients. Recent studies have found that a...
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Does Insurance Cover Breast Reconstructive Surgery?

Breast reconstructive surgery procedures are covered by your health insurance plan, whether they are done right away, soon after mastectomy/lumpectomy, or many years later. This includes procedures that may be needed over time to refine the reconstructed breast and/or...
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Measure Twice, Cut Once – More Natural-Looking Navel After DIEP Flap

During a DIEP flap, the navel, or belly button, must be repositioned to maintain a natural position on the abdomen. Traditionally, this is done with a circular or star shaped incision surrounding the navel that produces a conspicuous scar after healing. The incision...
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Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Are you specially trained in microsurgery? Breast reconstruction surgery using perforator flaps, such as a DIEP flap, requires extensive microsurgical training to accomplish safely and reliably. All of our surgeons are experienced in microsurgery.  Our surgeons focus...
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I Have Been Diagnosed With The BRCA Gene. What Are My Options?

Evidence that identifiable genetic mutations could increase woman’s risk of developing breast cancer was first demonstrated in 1990 in Berkeley, California. This discovery led to the concept of hereditary breast–ovarian cancer syndrome with, in the case of a BRCA gene...
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Choosing Between DIEP Flap and Implant Breast Reconstruction

Choosing what manner of reconstruction to undergo after mastectomy, DIEP flap or implant breast reconstruction, is a personal and sometimes difficult choice. Sometimes, your doctor will shepherd you towards one selection and sometimes you will be good candidate for...
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