“When I went in for a mammogram, the tech told me that I had the best reconstruction she had ever seen.”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials3/2/2015, 5-star rating, Amanda A., Austin, TX
Dr. Fisher is an amazing surgeon and I cannot say enough great things about her. She performed a DIEP Flap reconstruction on me after my double mastectomy. Needless to say, it was a very scary and emotional time for me and Dr. Fisher really made me feel good about was happening to me. She put my health and happiness first at all times. She is so easy to talk to and was always open and honest with me which is just what I needed. I know I love my results but when I went in for a mammogram, the tech told me that I had the best reconstruction she had ever seen. She sees them everyday so I took that as a huge compliment to me and Dr. Fisher.

“Dr. Fisher made my dream a reality.”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials5-star rating, Tonya P., Austin, TX

I recently had a breast implant collapse after 13 years. Dr. Fisher made time to see me right away to discuss my options. My desire was to have both implants removed with no new implants, and I was relieved that Dr. Fisher understood exactly what I wanted. She listened to me and was able to calm my nerves and ease my fears as she guided me through my breast emergency.

Dr. Fisher is an amazing surgeon – a true artist. She was able to form beautiful perky breasts from my own breast tissue – and they couldn’t be more perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Fisher for any cosmetic procedure you may need or desire. Please feel free to message me with any questions or for more details. I would be thrilled to share my story. Honestly – I always hated those breast implants – and Dr. Fisher made my dream a reality.

“Her expertise, artistry and compassion are a true gift.”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials5-star rating, Adrienne P., Austin, TX

My 23 year old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2013. We were referred to Dr. Fisher to discuss reconstruction options and knew we had found the right doctor on the first visit. There was no need for a second opinion. My daughter underwent a double mastectomy in February 2014 and Dr. Fisher immediately did DIEP Flap reconstruction. Her expertise, artistry and compassion are a true gift. She was concerned not only about my daughter’s physical recovery but her emotional recovery as well. She checked on her before and after each chemo. Every office visit we were given her undivided time and attention. She also worked us in with little or no notice if necessary (including working us in the same day we were told that a double mastectomy was required…and stayed late until all of our questions were answered and never made us feel rushed). My daughter has just finished her third surgery with Dr. Fisher (it’s a long reconstructive process), and as a parent I am so very thankful to Dr. Fisher for making my daughter look, and more importantly feel, beautiful again. I will forever be grateful to her!

“I am absolutely in love with my results!”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials3/7/2015, 5-star rating, Tara P., Hutto, TX

Dr. Fisher is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t sing her praises enough! I have spent the past 10 years looking for a plastic surgeon to perform my breast augmentation and mastopexy. I visited multiple surgeons in the Austin area and left more than a few of those offices in tears, feeling lower than dirt and more self-conscious than when I walked in. I met with Dr. Fisher regarding my surgery in June 2014 and for the first time in my search I felt completely comfortable with everything she was telling me and suggesting. My case wasn’t an easy one as I had extreme asymmetry and a concave ribcage, but she reassured me that I was in good hands. And I definitely was! I am three months post surgery and I am absolutely in love with my results. I went from a 34AA to a 34D. Dr. Fisher answered all my questions, eased all my concerns and delivered results I never could of imagined!

“She’s made the whole experience as worry-free as possible.”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials3/7/2015, 5-star rating, Lela S., Spicewood, TX

After years of searching for a doctor to remove a large birthmark on my arm I was lucky enough to find Dr. Fisher. All of the doctors I saw before her gave me one option- one surgery that would leave a large scar all the way down my upper arm, which would probably be more unsightly than the birthmark anyway. Dr. Fisher was the first doctor that really listened to me and gave me multiple options. I ended up going with the one she said would require three procedures but yield the best result. I’m two surgeries in with one more to go and I’m so, so happy with what she’s done so far. She’s made the whole experience as worry-free as possible (which is a big deal to me considering what a baby I am when it comes to surgery.) I can’t recommend her highly enough.

“If you are searching for a doctor that is professionally competent and at the top of her game as a surgeon and who really cares about you as a patient …”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials6/17/2014, 5-star rating, Joseph S., Wimberley, TX

I have been a patient of Dr. Fisher since she performed my abdominal wall reconstruction surgery on February 10, 2014, until today when she signed off on my recovery as successful and released me from her care.

All through my long recovery and healing process, Dr. Fisher took great care of me with her proficient professionalism as caregiver and genuine concern for my well being. She has a real talent as a healer of the sick, knows how to listen to your concerns as a patient and she is a down to earth human being as well. She was always personable, easy to interact with and was obviously truly connected to me as her patient and it showed.

I would simply say of her that if you are searching for a doctor that is professionally competent and at the top of her game as a surgeon and who really cares about you as a patient, you will not regret choosing her as your caregiver…I certainly haven’t and would choose her again. Dr. Fisher is a credit to her profession.

“She truly understands what her patients are looking for and works to achieve what’s best for you.”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials11/03/2014, 5-star rating, Amy C., Austin, TX

I was diagnosed with breast cancer this past summer which is scary enough. I was referred to Dr. Fisher for the reconstruction portion of my treatment plan.

Dr. Fisher and her staff are thorough and caring. They take the time to fully explain all your options and not push anything on you. Dr. Fisher expressed her concern for my diagnosis and my desire to have as natural-looking reconstruction as possible. She’s very approachable and explains everything in down-to-earth terms. She also has a great sense of humor and real warmth, which put me further at ease.

It was also great to hear while in the hospital during my recovery that the nursing staff had nothing but praise for her. All of the nurses commented that they enjoyed working with her and thought she was great. The nurses also commented about how thorough Dr. Fisher is and that she follows each patient closely.

Dr. Fisher even sent me flowers in the hospital. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a doctor doing that.

After the initial healing was over and I decided I wanted to try to even things out a bit, I went back to see Dr. Fisher. Again, she was very thorough as to what my options were and what she could/couldn’t do for me. She is very honest in setting expectations.  She’s not trying to just sell you something. I felt like she truly cared about me as a person and trying to get the best result for me.

I had never had plastic surgery before, or any major surgery before, so I was a bit concerned to say the least. I’m so very glad that Dr. Fisher was recommended to me and that I ultimately chose her.  She’s not just a great surgeon; she truly understands what her patients are looking for and works to achieve what’s best for you.

I’m a very satisfied patient. If I ever need any further surgery, I will definitely go back to Dr. Fisher. 

“I have never had a doctor make me feel so important …”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials10/10/2013, 5-star rating, Lohr C., Pittsburgh, PA

I was so fortunate to have Dr. Fisher as my surgeon. I have never felt so at ease going into surgery. Dr. Fisher reassured me and explained everything to me. She made herself available and checked on me after my surgery. I am so happy with the results I feel so good. My whole experience was great, I have never had a doctor make me feel so important, her concern is sincere and she’s a wonderful person. From start to finish I am pleased with it all. I highly recommend her.

“Dr. Fisher was the most incredible thing to happen to me.”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials10/15/2013, 5-star rating, Stacey H., Bethel Park, PA

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Fisher. She is an incredible surgeon and an amazing and compassionate person. I had diastasis, so my abdominal muscles never really came back together after I had my 2 children. I had 10-14 abdominal muscle tears that were approximately 1 inch in size. While this did not cause pain, it was very uncomfortable and it looked horrible. I also had a great deal of excess skin. I was alright with living with this condition if this was what I had to deal with after having 2 amazing children. But, I wondered what things would be like if I did not have to deal with this. So, I started to explore my options. Dr. Fisher was the most incredible thing to happen to me. Not only did she “get it” and not make me feel the least bit silly or petty, but she said, “Yes, I can fix this.” I was pretty amazed because no matter how healthy you are and how much you diet and exercise, these conditions would never change. Because my body shape was so strange with this large belly, I could not exactly wear normal clothes and many of my clothes looked like maternity clothes. So, Dr. Fisher really understood that this was a problem that I was experiencing as a woman and I was simply interested in feeling normal again. She was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure in great detail. The procedure went as she had explained that it would. Dr. Fisher came to see me many times in the recovery room. She also helped to explain my recovery in terms of how we recover as women regarding responsibilities with caring for children and working. I felt as comfortable talking to her as I do talking to my sisters. I am so excited about the results. It has been almost a year and I have been able to feel like a normal person and wear normal clothes. As I certainly understand that looks are not everything, I do not think that there is anything wrong with repairing physical issues to make people feel normal and help with their quality of life. If you have this issue or any similar problems or thoughts that I did, please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Dr. Fisher.

“I highly recommend Dr. Fisher, she’s the best!”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials10/9/2013, 5-star rating, Stacey H., Lynette G., Austin, TX

I am SO glad Dr. Fisher was my surgeon for both of my operations. Because I was so displeased with my appearance, I did not do much research on different physicians. I wanted to rush into the OR as soon as possible. I had a ‘hurry up and get it over with’ attitude. After the first consultation though, I knew she was the right doctor for me. When she introduced herself, she was immediately friendly. She gave me a detailed background on her training/experience including studying different surgical techniques in Paris, which I thought was pretty cool. She took the time to explain to me what she could do and gave me very realistic expectations. And truth be told, she exceeded my expectations. She also took the time to get to know me personally and made sure I was happy not only with my results, but in all aspects of my life. She never treated me as a number, and I never felt rushed during any of my appointments. She was always easy to contact via phone/email, and responded to my questions very quickly. She even called me the same day after the surgery (both times), to check up on me and make sure I was okay. She never made me feel stupid, although I thought some of my questions were. I had both a rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation and am extremely pleased with my results. I look and feel great. I feel tremendously lucky that my impatience did not ruin me finding such a caring, expert, overall amazing physician. I highly recommend Dr. Fisher, she’s the best! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

“She made me feel the importance of her taking care of me …”

Christine Fisher MD-5-star Reviews Testimonials12/28/2014, 5-star rating, Debra Y., Austin, TX

I met Dr. Fisher in late August or early September. Her style of personality was the first thing I noticed. She knew right off that I was a smoker and I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She didn’t scare me but she made me feel the importance of her taking care of me and me being a smoker. Well I saw her one more time before the surgery and her last words was I want to help you. I know she saw the stubbornness in me. I smiled because on September 26, 2014 I stopped smoking a day before the surgery thanks to Dr. Christine Fisher. In my mind all I could think about was I couldn’t let her down.


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