What is a Weekend Breast Augmentation

What is a Weekend Breast Augmentation

Weekend Breast Augmentation

Some women who would be excellent candidates for breast augmentation may be concerned about the amount of time they will need to take off work and other activities. Dr. Christine Fisher understands the challenges many women face in scheduling sufficient time to do something just for them. She has designed the Weekend Breast Augmentation for these patients, allowing them to get the enhancement they want without an extended recovery period.

The Weekend Breast Augmentation in Austin

The Weekend Breast Augmentation encompasses surgical techniques developed by Dr. Fisher and pain management tools to reduce downtime after a breast augmentation. She employs modern technologies during surgery help minimize discomfort and lead to a faster recovery. Many of our patients book surgery on a Thursday or Friday and return to work the following Monday. The Weekend Breast Augmentation is an excellent choice for women who have work and/or family responsibilities that prohibit them from taking two or more weeks to heal after their procedure.

The Right Surgical Techniques

Breast augmentation has evolved considerably since its inception decades ago. Today’s techniques are gentler and designed to produce the most natural, comfortable results possible. Dr. Fisher’s extensive experience in breast procedures has allowed her to hone her surgical skills further. She uses precise, delicate surgical techniques during her Weekend Breast Augmentation procedures to minimize stress on the tissues and bleeding at the surgical sites. This careful handling of tissues also eliminates the need for drains after surgery, further shortening and enhancing the recovery process.

Effective Pain Management

Another technique employed by Dr. Fisher in surgery is the use of EXPAREL®, an opioid-free local anesthetic that blocks pain for up to four days after surgery. Dr. Fisher administers EXPAREL® around your surgical sites to block each nerve to the chest, resulting in a significant decrease in pain while you are in the most acute phase of healing. Less pain helps you to rest more comfortably, which can then accelerate the healing process.

The combination of EXPAREL® and gentler surgical techniques also results in a dramatic reduction in need for narcotic medication after surgery. Most of Dr. Fisher’s patients who undergo the Weekend Breast Augmentation don’t need any pain medication stronger than Tylenol and an anti-inflammatory such as Aleve after surgery. Because narcotic pain medication is frequently accompanied by side effects like nausea, constipation and dizziness, your recovery period tends to be more comfortable and pleasant without it.

Resume Your Normal Activities Quicker

By reducing pain and avoiding the side effects of narcotic pain medication after your operation, you can rest more comfortably to accelerate the healing process. Most of Dr. Fisher’s Weekend Breast Augmentation patients are also able to resume a reasonable range of motion in their arms as early as the evening after surgery. Although strenuous exercise still needs to be avoided for four weeks, early movement of the arms after your procedure will allow you to get back to your regular activities faster.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher to discuss the Weekend Breast Augmentation, call our office at (512) 815-0123.

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