Nipple Sparing Breast Reconstruction in Austin, TX

Women with a small tumor and no signs of cancer in the skin or near the nipple may be candidates for nipple-sparing breast reconstruction. Lymph nodes in the axilla should also be clinically negative. For these patients, Dr. Fisher offers nipple-sparing breast reconstruction at the time of mastectomy. The nipple and/or areola are left in place while the breast tissue underneath is removed. The nipple is then incorporated into the newly reconstructed breast. They do not recommend nipple banking, where the nipple is removed and saved for later breast reconstruction, because of the high rate of complications with this procedure.

Nipple-sparing breast reconstruction is not right for every patient. If there is cancer in the skin or near the nipple, there is a higher risk the cancer will reoccur if the nipple is not removed. During nipple-sparing breast reconstruction, the nerves to the nipple are severed, so there will be little to no feeling in the nipple afterwards. 

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