Body Lift Surgery in Austin, TX

It can be disappointing to complete a massive weight loss program only to be left with sagging excess skin and lingering pockets of fat. A body lift can help you complete the transformation you’ve worked hard to accomplish.

A body lift is a series of customized cosmetic surgery procedures that work together to address your individual body’s areas of concern. It is a major surgical procedure, and as such it is important to choose a surgeon who prioritizes safety, using evidence-based best practices both in the operating room and in postoperative care.

Whether or not the surgeries will need to be performed in a hospital setting or as an outpatient, as well as the necessary recovery time, will depend on which procedures are being performed. Many patients can expect two separate sessions to complete their procedures. During your initial consultation, Dr. Fisher will listen to your specific goals, working with you to devise a personal treatment plan.

To find out more about body lift surgeries, or any other body contouring cosmetic procedures, send us a message or call our office at (512) 815-0123 to schedule a consultation.

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