Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery in Austin, Texas

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After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can provide patients with the opportunity to rebuild the breast. However, due to a number of possible factors, some women may feel let down by their reconstructive results. Postoperative complications, a poor aesthetic outcome, or a desire to convert to another type of reconstruction may leave you searching for a plastic surgeon to perform revisionary surgery.

Breast reconstruction revision surgery is designed to correct issues that have occurred as a result of previous reconstructive surgery, or complications from one. At Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Austin, TX, Dr. Silvia Kurtovic performs revision surgeries to help patients restore the best possible breast contour to complement their unique figures. Instead of enhancing your confidence, poor results can make you feel especially self-conscious and dissatisfied. Breast reconstruction revision surgery aims to address physical and emotional quality-of-life issues that have developed since your initial reconstruction, while giving you a personalized aesthetic result.


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When Should I Consider A Corrective Breast Reconstruction?

Reasons for considering this procedure vary for each patient, depending on their medical and cosmetic circumstances. You may choose to undergo revision surgery because a previous reconstruction attempt failed. For instance, if you developed an infection that necessitated the removal or replacement of your implants, your result may be asymmetrical or disproportionate, which can require correction through revision surgery. Alternatively, if your reconstruction was performed in a way that left you with poor cosmetic results, revision surgery will allow you to reshape the breasts into a more aesthetically pleasing contour. Some patients may chose to convert from an implant reconstruction to a living tissue (such as DIEP flap) reconstruction, especially if they are experiencing problems with their implants. Other patients may simply want or need an implant exchange surgery.

Many patients seek breast reconstruction revision as a result of complications that have occurred in the breasts over time. These concerns can range from an implant displacement, rupture or capsular contracture, to a hernia in the abdominal area where the tissue was removed to rebuild your breast. Whether you are experiencing a medical issue, or your aesthetic goals were overlooked, Dr. Kurtovic can design a surgical plan tailored to your health needs and cosmetic desires. Based on your in-depth consultation, she will weigh your medical and aesthetic concerns to help determine a revisionary plan. Having performed hundreds of breast reconstruction revision procedures in Austin and beyond, Dr. Kurtovic aims to help you feel more comfortable and confident about your body moving forward.

Symptoms of Complications After Breast Reconstruction

Whether you are unhappy with the results of your reconstruction, or you are experiencing symptoms that could indicate a complication, it is crucial to consult an experienced plastic surgeon who can examine your condition and determine the best way to proceed forward. Signs that medical issues may have developed after breast reconstruction include:

  • Breast pain or discomfort
  • Changes in the shape, size, or position of the breast
  • Increasing tightness or firmness of the reconstructed breast
  • Incorrect positioning of an implant
  • A firm lump or area in the breast

Does Medical Insurance Cover Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery?

Breast reconstruction procedures are covered by your health insurance plan as mandated by Federal law under the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) of 1998, whether they are done right away, soon after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, or many years later. This includes revision procedures that may be needed over time to refine the reconstructed breast and/or to create symmetry (balance) between the two breasts.

How is Breast Reconstruction Revision Performed?

Corrective breast reconstruction is highly customizable and will be planned according to your unique situation. The techniques used will depend on how your surgery was previously performed, what type of reconstruction you had, and the issues that have led you to pursue a revision procedure. For instance, if you have lost volume due to tissue breakdown or infection and would like to rebuild a breast, you may need to use excess skin and fat taken from another area of the body to rebuild the breast, rather than an implant. Alternatively, if you already had tissue taken from a donor site on your body, such as the abdomen, for a previous reconstruction, you may need to use tissue from a different site, like the buttocks or inner thighs, if you are seeking another tissue-based reconstruction.

Once tailored to your needs, the surgery will involve a similar procedural process as your initial reconstruction. In your consultation, Dr. Kurtovic will walk you through the steps required before, during and after surgery for optimal results. She will also ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and fully informed of how she intends to address both your emotional and physical concerns through revision surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery by Dr. Silvia Kurtovic

Whether you have been left with poor cosmetic results or you are seeking to correct a complication, breast reconstruction revision surgery is a safe, highly advanced and effective way to rebuild a healthier, natural-looking contour of the breasts. Inspired by her mother’s breast cancer journey, Dr. Kurtovic has a unique awareness of the healing process after breast cancer surgery and encourages her patients to share their aesthetic and functional goals so she can better understand their needs. She believes in honoring the uniqueness of each woman and draws on a personalized approach for beautiful, fulfilling results. If you are experiencing painful physical symptoms after breast reconstruction, or if you are unhappy with the aesthetic outcome of your previous surgery, call our clinic in Austin, Texas, at (512) 815-0123 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kurtovic today.


To find out more about a reconstruction based on breast implants, or any other breast reconstruction option, contact our Austin, TX, office at (512) 815-0123 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher, or send us a message online.

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